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This wiki was created to help you price your beloved clothing and den items at the right price in Animal Jam (formerly Play Wild). Please note we will not be 100% accurate, we will decide based on worth (in items), rarity, demand, and such.

If you need help pricing pets, my friend Hallo Kewl owns the AJ Pet Worth Wiki! Visit it here!

Please note that this wiki is a work in progress, we are still developing!

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Events and Updates

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Today, 05 August 2020

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Note: The monthly update for August 2020 has already arrived in AJ! However, Apple/IOS users do not have this update yet.
1 August 2020

  • New Animal: Rhino!
  • Generate renewable energy in your den with the new ECO Items in the ECO Shop!
  • Adopt a new pet: Hippo!
  • Get the new den: Spy Lair!
  • New Bundles!
  • Shell Runs have arrived!

This event occurs every Monday.
The last one was on 3 August 2020, where Rare Pinwheel Antennae were available.
The next one will be on 10 August 2020.

This event occurs on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
Leilani has arrived in Moku'ahi. She will offer Rare Autumn Fairy Horns for a Hero Cape.
The last time she arrived in Moku'ahi was on 06 August 2020 and offered Rare Lumosity Speakers for Rare Dragonfly Hair Clip.
The next time she will arrive in Moku'ahi is 08 August 2020.

This event happens every week on Wednesday.
In this event, the Daily Spin alters its outcomes to 5, 10, and 20 Sapphires. Normally, Wildworks also releases weekly updates on this day. The weekly updates usually contain content such as new pets, dens, and/or items.
There is not a Sapphire Wednesday today.
The last one was on 05 August 2020.
The next one will be on 12 August 2020.
Today's Update:
Unknown, please update.

Members logging in during this event, which is usually on Wednesday, gives you a free item given by AJHQ.
The last item AJHQ gifted members was a Tri-Tipped Hat on Wednesday, 05 August 2020.
The next time AJHQ will gift a new item is predicted to be on Wednesday, 12 August 2020.

The salesman is in Coral Canyons today, if the device has the new update.

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